Past Lab Meetings
   Date Day Time Speaker Material
  08/11/04 Mon 16:30 Tidhar, ICNC smiley Prism Adaptation as a possible treatment for neglect.
  23/11/04 Tue 17:30 Leon Deouell The possibility of early frontal activity during retrieval from working memory
  06/12/04 Mon 16:30 Elana Golombic ERPs - What are we really measuring?
  21/12/04 Tue 17:30 Liad Mudrik Presenting her thesis work
  27/12/04 Mon 16:30 Ariel Parnes Do all chinese look the same?
  04/01/05 Tue 17:30 Journal Club Mental Chronometry and the ERP Components (led by Elana)
  11/01/05 Tue 17:30 Shlomit Greenberg Presenting her thesis - Consciousness and the binding problem
  24/11/05 Thu 15:00 Dr. Solomonovich smiley Hypnosis
  28/11/05 Mon 15:00 Journal Club fMRI correlations - Malach Lab 2005
  05/12/05 Mon 15:00 Elana, Shani, Assaf ISFN practice presentations
  26/12/05 Mon 15:00 Tidhar Presenting his thoughts for his research.
  02/01/06 Mon 15:00 Uri Hasson smiley Human brain activation during viewing of natural scenes
  09/01/06 Mon 15:00 Tidhar Continuing to present his thoughts for his research.
  16/01/06 Mon 15:00 David Anaki When a face is (and is not) more than its features: Configural processing in temporal integration.
  23/01/06 Mon 15:00 Meital Journal club - Fate of non-neglected stimuli: Ferber & Danckert 2005.
   29/03/06 Wed 14:30 Leon Journal club - EEG - Kotchoubey et al. 2005
   17/05/06 Wed 14:30 Orr Synesthesia
   24/05/06 Wed 14:30 Orr Journal Club - Repitition - Murray et al. 2006
   29/05/06 Mon 12:30 Amos Urieli smiley The physiological basis of The EEG
   05/06/06 Wed 14:30 Shlomit Animal Stroop Gamma
   20/5/07 Sun 10:30 Alon Methods: Wavelet Denoising
   27/5/07 Sun 10:30 Hagit fMRI studies of working memory
   3/6/07 Sun 10:30 Alon Methods: dVCA for single trial analysis
   10/6/07 Sun 10:30 Shlomit Gamma Binding
   17/6/07 Sun 10:30 Elana Methods: Non-parametric claster statistics
   15/7/07 Sun 10:30 Alon ERP Source Estimation by Dynamical Constraints
   22/7/07 Sun 10:30 Liad New directions in studying the NCC
   29/7/07 Sun 10:30 Azar MMN work with Nelken
   12/8/07 Sun 10:30 Assaf & Noa To infinity and beyond
   15/8/07 Sun 10:00 Keren Visual attentional blink and auditory MMN
   5/9/07 Sun 10:00 Orr & Shlomit Gamma in single trials
   7/10/07 Sun 10:30 Journal Club Intra-Regional Syncronization Knight 2007
   14/10/07 Sun 10:30 Journal Club Intra-Regional Syncronization Fan 2007
   21/10/07 Sun 10:30 Journal Club Intra-Regional Syncronization 2
   27/3/08 Thu 14:30 All Presenting lab projects
   3/4/08 Thu 14:30 Noga Neglect and Emotions
   1/5/08 Thu 14:30 Nick Reaching movements
   15/5/08 Thu 14:30 Alon Saccadic Spike Potentials Revisited
   22/5/08 Thu 14:30 Shani Aware and Unaware Errors
   19/6/08 Thu 14:30 Hagit Journal Club: Multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data
   26/6/08 Thu 14:00 smiley Amir Amedi TMS Safety
   10/7/08 Thu 14:30 Orr Cross-modal neuronal interactions or SRP's?
   17/7/08 Thu 14:30 Azar Top-down control of sound changes in irrelevant dimension
   19/11/08 Wed 14:30 Leon Lab projects
   26/11/08 Wed 14:30
   3/12/08 Wed 14:30
   10/12/08 Wed 14:30 Shani Error Processing - Pe and the P3
   17/12/08 Wed 14:30
   24/12/08 Wed 14:30 Liad Attention and Consciousness
   31/12/08 Wed 14:30 Nick Reaching Sounds
   7/1/09 Wed 14:30 Sagi Rolf replication - left or right advantage in RSVP
   21/1/09 Wed 14:30 Shlomit On Brain activity, saccades, and what's between them
   6/9/2011 Tue 15:00 Edden Gerber Theories of alpha rhythm function
   13/9/2011 Tue 16:00 Leon Deouell On students who cannot look straight or how to become a persona non grata in the scientific world
   20/9/2011 Tue 16:00 Michal Ramot smiley Replay of movie-driven correlation structures in human cortex during sleep
   4/10/2011 Tue 16:00 Assaf Shpanier (1) The wiki How-To (2) A very short and friendly introduction to N-way component analysis
   11/10/2011 Tue 16:00 Journal Club "Selection of independent components representing event-related brain potentials: A data-driven approach for greater objectivity" Wessel & Ullsperger 2011
   25/10/2011 Tue 16:00 Edden Gerber The Mendeley PDF/reference management tool and why it's good for you Mendeley Website
   9/11/2011 Wed 16:00 Assaf Shpanier Thesis presentation: N-Way Component Models of EEG Data-Sets
   16/11/2011 Wed 16:00 Liad Mudrik From Multi-Sensory Integration to Unconscious Integration: a Doctorate's Tale
   30/11/2011 Wed 16:00 Discussion Staircase procedures Leek 2001
   7/12/2011 Wed 16:00 Tal Golan smiley Both high and low-level factors facilitate visual search for faces and other naturalistic objects: evidence from visual experts, typical and prosopagnosic individuals
   13/12/2011 Tue 16:00 Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg smiley Attention Shifts Following Microsaccades, or What I Did in the Last Two Years
   21/12/2011 Wed 16:00 Journal Club Coregistration of eye movements and EEG in natural reading Dimigen et al 2011
   28/12/2011 Wed 16:00 Assaf Breska Research proposal presentation
   25/1/2012 Wed 16:00 Assaf Breska, Edden Gerber Measures of synchrony in the frequency domain
   22/2/2012 Wed 16:00 Leon Presentation of ECoG data
   29/2/2012 Wed 16:00 Ariel Goldstein smiley Hilbert and multi-taper anlyses - how they are equivalent to FFT and wavelets and why they work
   14/3/2012 Wed 10:30 Shani Shalgi Thesis presentation
   22/3/2012 Thu 14:00 Journal club "Is Gamma-Band Activity in the Local Field Potential of V1 Cortex a 'Clock' or Filtered Noise?" Burns et al. 2011
   29/3/2012 Thu 14:00 Assaf Shpanier To explain or to predict? classical statistics vs. machine learning approaches to neuroscience
   10/5/2012 Thu 14:00 Journal club "Attention but not awareness modulates the BOLD signal in the human V1 during binocular suppression" Watanabe et al. 2011
   17/5/2012 Thu 14:00 Journal club "Distilling the neural correlates of consciousness" Aru et al. 2012
   31/5/2012 Thu 14:00 Ido Davidesco smiley Spatial and object-based attention modulates both early and high-order visual cortex
   7/6/2012 Thu 14:00 Juliane Britz smiley Insights from intermittent binocular rivalry and EEG
   4/7/2012 Wed 12:00 Journal club "Simultaneous MEG and intracranial EEG recordings during attentive reading" Dalal et al. 2009
   11/7/2012 Wed 12:00 Galit Agmonsmiley Natural language quantifiers and the perception of quantity
   5/9/2012 Wed 12:00 Discussion Updates and stories
   12/9/2012 Wed 12:00 Amit Yashar smiley Temporal position priming: Memory traces of recent experience bias the allocation of attention in time
24/10/2012 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Four common conceptual fallacies in mapping the time course of recognition" VanRullen 2011
31/10/2012 Wed 10:00 Shlomit Yuval Greenberg smiley Unaware processes in visual perception
7/11/2012 Wed 10:30 Journal club "Measurement of ERP latency differences: a comparison of single-participant and jackknife-based scoring methods" Kiesel et al 2008
21/11/2012 Wed 10:15 Journal club "ERP components - the ups and downs of brainwave recordings" (chapter from the Oxford Handbook of Event Related Potential Components (eds: Luck, Kappenman) Kappenman, Luck
28/11/2012 Wed 10:15 Tal Golan Contrast representation in higher visual areas
5/12/2012 Wed 10:00 Journal club "The time course of visual word recognition as revealed by linear regression analysis of ERP data" Hauk et al. 2006
13/12/2012 Thu 12:30 Pnina Attention shifts fixation location toward attended stimuli in a Posner Cueing Task
19/12/2012 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Neural saccadic response estimation during natural viewing" Dandekar et al. 2012
26/12/2012 Wed 10:00 Ella Podvalny  smiley Towards understanding the LFP Power Spectrum
2/1/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Pattern analysis of EEG responses to speech and voice: Influence of feature grouping" Hausfeld et al. 2012
16/1/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Pattern analysis of EEG responses to speech and voice: Influence of feature grouping" - Continued
23/1/2013 Wed 10:00 Hadar Levi smiley Efficient multi-voxel pattern analysis for fMRI data using information theoretic principles
13/2/2013 Wed 10:00 Nofi Motor control of voluntary movements: research overview and methods
20/2/2013 Wed 10:00 Dana Ekstein smiley EEG analysis in clinical practice
6/3/2013 Wed 10:00 Natalia Zaretskaya smiley Investigating perceptual selection and perceptual grouping using bistable stimuli, fMRI and TMS
13/3/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Frequency-Band Coupling in Surface EEG Reflects Spiking Activity in Monkey Visual Cortex" Whittingstall & Logothetis 2009
10/4/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "The origin of extracellular fields and currents - EEG, ECoG, LFP and spikes" Buzsaki et al. 2012
24/4/2013 Wed 10:00 Liad Mudrik smiley
1/5/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "The origin of extracellular fields and currents - EEG, ECoG, LFP and spikes" - Part 2
22/5/2013 Wed 10:00 Discussion
Updates and stories
29/5/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "The origin of extracellular fields and currents - EEG, ECoG, LFP and spikes" - Part 3
12/6/2013 Wed 10:00 Journal club "Local Category-Specific Gamma Band Responses in the Visual Cortex Do Not Reflect Conscious Perception" Aru et al. 2012
19/6/2013 Wed 10:00 Noa Raz smiley Demyelination affects temporal aspects of perception: an optic neuritis study
3/7/2013 Wed 10:00 Tali Shrem Current directions in multi-sensory research
17/7/2013 Wed 10:00 Discussion Let's talk about artifacts: Detection, correction, rejection - Part 1
24/7/2013 Wed 10:00 Discussion Let's talk about artifacts: Detection, correction, rejection - Part 2
31/7/2013 Wed 10:00 Discussion Let's talk about artifacts: Detection, correction, rejection - Part 3
1/10/2013 Tue 15:00 Tamar Regev Analysis of visual onset latencies using ECoG reveals early response in human posterior parietal cortex
28/10/2013 Mon 12:00 Discussion Plans and goals for the upcoming year
11/11/2013 Mon 12:00 Journal Club "Statistical testing in electrophysiological studies" Maris 2012
25/11/2013 Mon 12:00 Tali Shrem Exploring the effects of sustained and transient attention across space and modality
2/12/2013 Mon 12:00 Liad Mudrik smiley How to study the functions of consciousness scientifically: finding the right dissociation.                              
9/12/2013 Mon 12:00 Nofya Zinger  Assessing the neuromodulatory dynamics over time, in stroke patients recovery
24/2/2014 Mon 10:30 Tal Golan Cortical activity during blinking
10/3/2014 Mon 12:30 Journal Club "Commitee report: publication guidelines and recommendations for studies using electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography" Keil et al. 2014
24/3/2014 Mon 12:30 Assaf Breska Practice talk
31/3/2014 Mon 12:30 Ronen Golan smiley A collection of evidences for the existence of pre-attentive processes of temporal encoding manifested in simultaneous local and global representation of time in the human brain
Tamar Regev
A joint meeting with Eli Nelken's lab: The involvement of speech-production-related motor activity in auditory perception
12/5/2014 Mon 12:30 Hadar Levi smiley What I learned on the BBCI Winter School 2014
19/5/2014 Mon 12:30 Lara Prisco smiley Prognostic value of early combined EEG and ERP analysis in brain damaged patients in ICU


Mon 12:00 Tali Shrem Multisensory Integration: Flexible Use of General Operations


Mon 12:30 Journal club Expectations Change the Signatures and Timing of Electrophysiological Correlates of Perceptual Awareness Melloni et al. 2011


Mon 12:30 Discussion

Updates and stories

30/6/2014 Mon 12:30 Deborah Marciano Exploring decision-making in the light of what could have been: of the effect of the outcome of the unchosen option on expectations, outcome evaluation and future decisions


Mon 12:30 Discussion Handling EEG artifacts: integrating different approaches within the lab


Mon 12:30 Discussion Handling EEG artifacts: integrating different approaches within the lab


Mon 12:30 Discussion Handling EEG artifacts: integrating different approaches within the lab
1/9/2014 Mon 12:30 Discussion Handling EEG artifacts: all about filters (Edden)
8/9/2014 " " Tali Shrem Ghosts, dwarfs, and psy effects
22/9/2014 " " Chen Gueta Presentation of results
29/9/2014 " " " Results continued
6/10/2014 " " Journal club Spatiotemporal Dissociation of Brain Activity Underlying Subjective Awareness, Objective Performance and Confidence Li et al. 2014
20/10/2014 " " " continued
3/11/2014 " " Journal club Gamma band activity and the P3 reflect post-perceptual processes, not visual awareness Pitts et al. 2014
10/11/2014 Deborah Marciano Looks like a bad sign: Illusory negative correlation between the outcomes of choice options
17/11/2014 Tal Golan A common pitfall in the interpretation of neuroimaging 'decoding' studies
8/12/2014 Updates
15/12/2014 Gamma oscillations, yes or now?
29/12/2014 Edden gerber Source control using Git tutorial
5/1/2015 Edden Gerber Working with the ELSC cluster tutorial
26/1/2015 Tamar Regev Towards research proposal
9/2/2015 Mon 12:30 Flor Kushnir  smiley The brain in multisensory contexts: trainees, synaesthetes, and the blind
16/2/2015 " " Fabian Simmank smiley Developing a paradigm to investigate the neural correlates of moral action and moral behavior in an economic context
23/2/2015 ... ... Tamar Regev Towards research proposal 2
20/4/2015 Edden Gerber PhD committee practice talk
29/4/2015 Pawel Matusz  smiley Introducing the COGs (Context-Object-Goals) framework for multisensory processing
4/5/2015 Nofi Zinger Alpha oscillations
11/5/2015 Tal Golan integration of data across multiple ECoG subjects and handling selection bias when discovering new 'components'
18/5/2015 Journal Club Intra-cortical propagation of EEG alpha oscillations Hindriks et al. 2011
15/6/2015 Journal Club Expectations Change the Signatures and Timing of Electrophysiological Correlates of Perceptual Awareness Melloni et al. 2011
29/6/2015 Yuval Porat  smiley Spatial Mechanisms for  Visual Stability
20/7/2015 ... ... Updates
7/9/2015 " " Shani Shalgi code for rapid automatic pre-processing of EEG data
21/9/2015 " " Tamar Regev Involvement of the vocal‐motor system in auditory representations
9/11/2015 Mon 12:30 Tali Shrem Practice talk for lab visits
Mon 12:00 Journal Club Areas V1 and V2 show microsaccade-related 3-4 Hz covariation in gamma power and frequency Lowet et al. 2015
Mon 12:00 Edden Gerber
Source control with Git, round 2

7/12/2015 Mon 12:00 Journal Club rERPs - Regression-based estimation of ERP waveforms I. The rERP framework
and - II. Nonlinear effects, overlap correction, and practical considerations
Smith & Kutas 2015
Smith & Kutas 2015
14/12/2015 Mon 12:00    " ... continuation                             
28/12/2015 Mon 12:00    " ... and more
4/1/2015 Mon 12:00    "
... preparing for hands on part - comparing ERPs and rERPs on our own data!
11/1/2015 Mon 12:00    " Presentation of results and the rERP Matlab function we wrote.
18/1/2016 Mon 12:00 Matthias Lüthi smiley Neural mechanisms of self-control exertion. Joint meeting with Ran Hassin's lab
8/2/2016 Mon 12:00 Doron Ariav Thesis talk - "Dissociating retinal eccentricity and covert spatial attention effects on visual evoked potentials: a gaze-controlled ERP study"
22/2/2016 Mon 12:00 Edden Gerber Interactions between pupil size and location calculation in EyeLink
29/2/2016 Mon 12:00    Mutual updating
7/3/2016 Mon 12:00 Tal Golan Deep neural networks reveal a gradient in the complexity of neural representations across the ventral stream
  1. Güçlüvan Gerven 2014
14/3/2016 Mon 12:00 Zvi Roth  smiley Brain Representations of visual percepts. PhD progress lecture
21/3/2016 Mon 12:00 Journal Club Alpha-Beta and Gamma Rhythms Subserve Feedback and Feedforward Influences among Human Visual Cortical Areas. Michalareas et al. 2016
28/3/2016 Mon 12:00 Journal Club Quantifying the time course of visual object processing using ERPs: it’s time to up the game Rousselet & Pernet 2011
4/4/2016 Mon 12:00 Bruno Giordano smiley Perceiving everyday sound sources: psychoacoustics and neuroimaging.
11/4/2016 Mon 14:00 Amos Boasson Short latency effects of auditory frequency change on human motor action.
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