Lab Meetings
Lab meetings of 2015-16: Mondays 12:00-14:00, Wechsler room.


5 Sep. 2016Mon12:00Journal Club!
Led by Ariel Frustenberg
Midfrontal conflict-related theta-band power reflects neural oscillations that predict behavior
Cohen & Donner 2016
12 Sep. 2016Mon12:00Tamar RegevConference highlights -
International conference on Music Perception and Cognition 2016, San-Francisco
10 Oct. 2016Mon12:00smiley Omer Sharon (Yuval Nir's lab)Attenuated fast steady-state visual evoked potentials during human sleep
31 Oct. 2016Mon10:00Chen GuetaThe neuro-feedback experiment
7 Nov. 2016Mon10:00Edden GerberEvoked and high-frequency markers of sustained visual perception in scalp EEG

Lab meetings of 2016-2017: Sundays 13:15-15:00, room 4326 - Political Science Seminars room.
27 Nov. 2016Sun13:15Journal club!
Led by Leon
Auditory Cortex Tracks Both Auditory and Visual Stimulus Dynamics Using Low-Frequency Neuronal Phase ModulationLuo et al. 2010

11 Dec. 2016Sun13:15Journal club!
Led by Deborah
Is P3 a strategic or a tactical component? Relationships of P3 sub-components to response times in oddball tasks with go, no-go and choice responsesVerleger et al. 2016

29 Dec. 2016Thurs.10:00smiley  Michal Ramot Direct modulation of aberrant brain network connectivity in Autism through NeuroFeedback

1  Jan.  2017Sun13:15smiley  Jochem Rieger Brain mechanisms underlying the processing of speech in context

8  Jan.  2017Sun13:15Tamar RegevModulation of auditory N1s due to distance from the mean frequency

22 Jan.  2017Sun13:15Nathalie Klein Selle, Chen GuetaUnraveling the roles of orienting and inhibition in the Concealed information test,
preliminary results from the lab

5 Feb. 2017Sun13:15smiley Dr. Erez Freud “What” is happening in the dorsal pathway - a new view of cortical vision

smiley denotes guest speaker.
Papers to be discussed in future journal clubs:
Different coupling modes mediate cortical cross-frequency interactionsHelfrich et al. 2015
Temporal regularity facilitates higher-order sensory predictions in fast auditory sequencesTavano et al. 2013
On the interpretation of weight vectors of linear models in multivariate neuroimagingHaufe et. al 2014
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