dot Tested environmental sounds
   dot An enormous resource for visual objects of various sorts. Images courtesy of Michael J. Tarr, Brown University,
Data sets
   dot EEG / ERP data available for free public download
   dot Rapidly developing resource of everything that has to do with fMRI statistics (and more).
    It's an impressive database of a lot of the things involved in planning and analysing fMRI experiments.
    Check out the massive archive of lectures , And the Facebook community
Manuals and tools
   dot A Digital Media Primer for Geeks, Part 2
   dot DSP Guide
   dot BESA Tutorial
  dot  Statistics on-line help:
             The World of Visual Statistics
              StatSoft - A free and easy-to-read textbook by the makers of Statistica.
              Engineering Statistics Handbook
   dot D Prime calculator - a program that calculates d prime from hit and false alarm rates.
   dot A Java applet that explains what aliasing is.
   dot Internet Analysis Tools Registry - index of online EEG and fMRI analysis tools.
   dot ICA demos
   dot Saccade-Related Potential (SRP) matched filter. Matlab file written by Alon Keren.
   dot Matlab routines for analyzing psychophysical data.
EPrime Tools
   dot EPrime Tests - A zip file containing tests for BioSemi codes, reaction box, ports and timing.
   dot EPrime Tips and Tricks - Written by Shani Shalgi, a lot of helpful tips on programming EPrime ERP experiments.
   dot EPrime Website - Support, FAQ, downloads
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