Prof. Leon Y. Deouell CV  NeuroTree  email  timetable
Lab Manager
 Edden GerberELSC - Computational Neuroscience   email  homepage
Graduate Students
 Assaf Breska Neuropsychology   email  homepage
 Tali Shrem Neuropsychology   email  homepage
 Tamar RegevELSC - Computational Neuroscience  email  homepage
 Tal GolanELSC - Computational Neuroscience  email homepage 
 Dvora MarcianoNeuropsychology  email homepage 
Undergraduate Students
 Carmel Auerbach   email  homepage
 Chen Gueta   email 
 Hagit Magen, PhD email  homepage
 Ariel Furstenberg, PhD Philosophy of Science (with Haim Sompolinsky)   email  homepage
 Nofya Zinger, PhD email  homepage
 Chilik Laub Systems Manager email 
 Meir Kedmi
Network Manager email 
 Eden Krispin Research Assistant   email 
 Anaelle Benistri Research Assistant   email 
 Jonathan Levanon Programmer   email 
Lab Alumni
 Nicholas P. Holmes, Post Doc Neuroscience NeuroTree  email  homepage
 Shlomit Yuval-Greenberg, PhD Neuropsychology NeuroTree  email  homepage
 Liad Mudrik, PhD Neuroscience & Philosophy (with Dominique Lamy, TAU)   homepage
 Alon Keren, PhD ICNC - Computational Neuroscience NeuroTree  email  homepage
 Liya Ein-Mor (Kerem), MSc Neurobiology email  homepage
 Lior Fridman Clinical Neuropsychology  
 Keren Haroush, MSc Neurobiology (with Shaul Hochstein)  
 Noga Oren, MA Clinical Neuropsychology  
 Meytal Shachar, MA Clinical Neuropsychology email  homepage
 Flori Stronguin, Psychologist Clinical Neuropsychology (with Nahum Soroker) email  homepage
 Orr Tomer, MA Neurobiology & Medicine email  homepage
 Yael Weisberger, MA Cognitive Science (with Meirav Ahissar) email  homepage
 Shani ShalgiCognitive ScienceNeuroTree  email  homepage
 Genny Beniminov email homepage 
 Noa Nutkevitch email homepage 
 Doron Ariav
 Libi Stein
Undergraduate and staff
 Yuval Avivi Cognitive Science & Humanities Amirim program, RA email 
 Ido Barkan Cognitive Science & Humanities Amirim program, RA 2007-8  
 Aya Ben-Ya'akov Cognitive Science & Computer Science, SSVEP project  
 Yaniv Cohen Psychology, Systems Manager email 
 Eynav Dagan Cognitive Science & Computer Science, RA 2009-10  
 Lili Daie Cognitive Science & Communications, RA 2006-8  
 Azar Dakwar Cognitive Science & Biology, RA 2007-8  
 Ilan Frank Cognitive Science & Computer Science, Programmer 2006-8  
 Shai Gretz Cognitive Science & Computer Science, Programmer 2009-10  
 Shany Grossman Cognitive Science & Humanities Amirim program, RA 2010-11  
 Roni Harel Psychology, MMN project, 2011
 Sagi Jaffe Cognitive Science, RA 2008-9  
 Na'ama Kivilis Psychobiology, RA 2008-9  
 Liron Levin Cognitive Science & Computer Science, Programmer 2008-9  
 Ariel Parnes Cognitive Science & Computer Science, MMN project email 
 Shirley Rapaport Cognitive Science, RA 2009-10  
 Yael Rubinstein Psychology & Economics, RA 2006-7  
 Eitan Schechtman Psychology, MMN project 2010
 Einat Wigderson Psychology, RA 2010-2011  
 Pnina RappelCognitive Science, RA 2010-2012
 Aviv AlperCognitive Science, RA 2011-2012
 Irys WajnribCognitive Science, RA 2011-2012
 Itzik NormanCognitive Science, RA 2012-2013
 Oren PeerCognitive Science, Programmer 2012-2013
 Masha MallerCognitive Science, Programmer 2013-2015  email 
 Yotam Steinberg Research Assistant   email 
 Noa SimonResearch Assistantemail 
 Chilik Laub email  homepage
 Neta Cohenemail  homepage