"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge" - Benjamin Disraeli
Leon Deouell

The focus of the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University is on the interface between automatic, non-conscious stages of information processing in the brain and conscious perception and action. This interest stems from observations and empirical studies of stroke patients mainly with right hemisphere damage and unilateral neglect, who lose the ability to attend and respond to the part of space opposite their lesion. To investigate what types of structures and processes need to be intact to support the transition from background processing to conscious awareness of events in the environment, we use performance measures, electrophysiology (Event Related Potentials) and functional MRI. The participants in our studies are young adults (students), patients, and age matched controls. Currently, our studies focus on spatial and temporal processing in audition and vision, and on multisensory integration processes between these modalities..

Research Highlights
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Attentive, preattentive and automatic processes

Attention and conscious awareness

Preattentive processing of auditory space

Microsaccades and EEG

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