Related Labs
   Shlomo Bentin's Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory
   Merav Ahissar's Perceptual Plasticity and Cognitive Abilities Lab
   Rafi Malach's lab in the Weizmann Institute of Science
   Robert Knight's cognitive neuroscience laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley
Societies and Conferences
   Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation - ICNC
   Israel Society for Neuroscience - ISFN
Libraries and Journal Search
   HUJI Mount Scopus Library - access E-Journals and abstracts through here.
      If you are connected to the internet through the university, you may also view full texts of articles.
   PsycInfo - Psychology Database Search
   MIT CogNet
   Web of Science
   NEW! Online visual brain atlas: brainSCANr - a repository where you can easily check to see what functions a brain region is associated with and what other brain regions it's connected to and vice versa (searches through PubMed). Courtesy of Bradley and Jessica Voytek.
   PPT fMRI Methods - Block and Event Related Design
   PPT fMRI Methods - Sparse Sampling
   PPT EEG Methods
   PPT Brain Leon's Brain
Dictionaries and Glossaries
   Neuroscience Glossary and a Medical Glossary - provided by the Neuroscience at a Glance companion website.
   The Brain Connection Glossary
   Neurosciences on the Internet ( - an index of internet neuroscience resources maintained by N. Busis, Division of Neurology, UPMC Shadyside Hospital, Pittsburgh.
   Introduction to the Human Brain and Nervous System - provided by Kimball's Biology Pages - an online biology textbook and glossary.
   Brodmann Areas - provided by Professor Mark Dubin from the University of Colorado.
   Glossary of Neuroanatomy
   The Whole Brain Altas - Harvard Medical School
   Interactive Brain Atlas
Online Tutorials:
   Hyperbrain - an annotated course with many pictures.
   Neuroimaging Primer - Harvard Medical School
   Neuroscience Tutorial - Washington University Medical School
   Bioelectromagnetism - a Web-version of the book: Jaakko Malmivuo & Robert Plonsey: Bioelectromagnetism - Principles and Applications of Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields, Oxford University Press, New York, 1995
   Animations of Neuronal Activity - great animations From Gary G. Matthews book.
   Neurology Medical Reference - eMedicine
   The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - Neurologic Disorders
Functional Imaging
   fMRI for Dummies - an online course by Jody Culham, Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario
   Multimodal Imaging References - references to studies combining several recording techniques (simultanious fMRI and EEG, etc.)
   Medical Neuroimaging: A Closer Look - a wealth of information and resources on the many facets of neuroimaging
Statistics and Methodology
   Learning Statistics with R - A Tutorial
   Andy Field's "Statistics Hell"
   Visual Illusions
   Etymology of Neuroscience